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Steve Pemberton knows that life is full of adversity and obstacles. His personal story starts with generational dysfunction and continues with abandonment, neglect, and abuse. Steve believes his life was saved by the people who became his lighthouses: ordinary people who had extraordinary impact. He found his way through the turbulent circumstances of his life and discovered the enduring power of faith, family, fortitude, and forgiveness.

Armed with the lessons from his own life, Steve has created the LIGHTHOUSE LIFE to teach others how to navigate through adversity and struggle and create impact through a life lived with intention.

Through his personal story, insightful analysis, and hard-earned experience, Steve created the LIGHTHOUSE LIFE as a framework for Living, Learning, & Leading for people who are ready to turn their doubts into destinations for themselves and, just as importantly, others.

The LIGHTHOUSE LIFE is for anyone looking to be a guiding light in their home, business, or community. Steve will expertly guide you through the steps necessary to become a grounded lighthouse, ready to stand in purpose and guide yourself and others through the tumultuous seas to safe harbor.



Inspiration- the extraordinary impact that ordinary people can have


Resilience- navigate through (and thrive despite) adversity and struggle


Empowerment- tools, habits, and practices to spark your light for others

The LIGHTHOUSE LIFE Will Guide Your Journey

The LIGHTHOUSE LIFE will show you, step-by-step, how to uncover your light and use it to light the way for others. Steve Pemberton will teach you to overcome obstacles, bounce back from disappointment, stop the comparison game, and turn your focus outward. Imagine the impact you will have when you stand in your purpose, prepared to guide others in your life in the way to withstand the tumultuous seas. 

3 ways to see beyond the current circumstances to boundless possibilities that exist. Never be blinded by the waves around you, but always be pointed toward safe harbor ahead. 

5 steps to take to build resilience in yourself and inspire resilience in others. Life will challenge every person, but those who both understand and practice resilience can survive and thrive.

The 10 qualities every LIGHTHOUSE has to share with the world. Learn how to identify and apply those qualities to your own life, work, and community.

7 habits that will bring the LIGHTHOUSE to your LIFE. Step-by-step daily practices that will bring impact to your life.

Inspire Your Group

A passionate communicator and powerful presenter, Steve is widely renowned for his ability to connect with a broad spectrum of audiences- from corporate America and the nonprofit world to healthcare and higher education.


Steve coaches individuals and groups in the LIGHTHOUSE LIFE- a framework for Living, Learning, & Leading


Let Steve Guide You To The LIGHTHOUSE LIFE

Steve’s inspirational coaching style and framework for living, learning, leading in your personal and professional life can be tailored to your needs.

One-On-One Coaching

Personalized coaching sessions tailored to your specific goals and needs.

Workshops & Seminars

Steve can tailor a curriculum for the specific needs of your group or office.

Group Coaching

Learn the LIGHTHOUSE LIFE as a group or an office.

Online Coaching Programs

Experience the LIGHTHOUSE LIFE Academy and learn at your own pace through online courses and chat.

how it works ?


Steve’s approach is different from any other coach. His unique method will teach you how to find the light in yourself and shine it on others. Steve will teach you how to:


Make the World

The power of small kindness and goodness can change the world for the better is within you. Harness the good in the world and leave a legacy of impact on those who need it most.


Empower Yourself and Others

In a divisive world, everyone needs to be empowered to direct their energy toward good. Learn how to encourage diverse voices and recognize the power within each life for great impact.



Every situation offers the potential for growth. Gain the ability to see through problems and obstacles to the possibilities for expansion.


Live with

Embrace the challenges and obstacles in life as guideposts for growth. Inspie the world with tenacious resilience.

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Change is never easy.

Client Satisfaction

Steve understands this and will walk you through the process of claiming your LIGHTHOUSE LIFE. His story will enlighten  you, his techniques will teach you, and his support will inspire you to shine your light in your world.

Experience & Expertise
Personalized Approach
Support & Accountability
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what our client say about our coaching ?

"You could hear a pin drop as Stephen spoke. He told his compelling story while incorporating humor, emotion and seriousness throughout. He made sure to mention specific names of people in the audience and incorporated them into his presentation. He was a phenomenal speaker with a truly inspirational story and we could not have asked for more."

Jonathan's Place

“Steve Pemberton was one of the most incredible speakers I have ever had the pleasure of hearing. Not that I ever doubted you – you set the expectation pretty high. But he blew any expectation I had away entirely! His message of a ​diverse world fit in perfectly with our programming, and his personal story had the audience in tears and standing ovation at the end. I'm glad we had the books ordered, because everyone wanted to meet him and thank him afterward. He is the nicest guy too. I got to spend a few minutes with him before the event and I thoroughly enjoyed talking with him. All in all, he was the best keynote speaker we could have gotten, and I was sincerely praised for it. Thank you for your incredible recommendation. I really appreciate your expertise and insight for our event needs.”

Marketing Brand Manager, Cyracom

"Steve was a fabulous addition to our event. He spoke from the heart and did an extraordinary job of connecting his story to our mission and work. He could not have been more gracious to our many guests who wanted to talk and have their book signed, as well as to our students who he so smoothly worked into his remarks. He implored our audience to take action and to do something to lift our youth. We could not ask for more."

Gary Comer Youth Center, Chicago, IL